“You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”


In this episode, Dan and Thad Brink discuss Neko Case, kind-of barely liking country music, Sound City, First Avenue, Chicago, Cypress Hill, iTunes Radio, albums and singles, and movies.

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Show Notes

  • You should listen to (and support) the live stream of The Current. It’s not without its faults, but it will make you a better person.
  • Thad’s go-to, Radio K, also affords listening online and through an app.
  • The new Neko Case record.
  • Sound City.
  • Metric is from Canada, and they’re great. Poliça is from Minneapolis, and they’re also great.
  • The person “who saw Eraserhead on cable TV” was Charles Bukowski. I knew I knew that story from somewhere.
  • That was a terrible answer to Thad’s question about “essential” artists that I don’t care for. U2’s fine and all, but they aren’t widely considered a classic rock band. Better examples would be The Rolling Stones — just like Thad and Led Zeppelin, I think they have a handful of good songs, but I don’t need to get deeper into their catalogue. That’s probably another whole show. The most well-regarded “essential classic rock band” I out-and-out dislike is probably Pink Floyd.
  • Thad says: “How could I forget OK Go in the discussion of Chicago bands with a niche? They have the best choreography and videos like this made a lot of noise for them, but they are also solid musically.”